Fundusze Europejskie Projekt Wsparcia Polski Wschodniej
01 sierpień 2019



Ladies and Gentlemen,

We hereby kindly inform you that, by order of the District Court in Kielce, 10th Commercial Department of the National Court Register of August 1, 2019, Caffaro W. Szafarski i Wspólnicy Spółka Jawna has been transformed into a limited liability company Limited Partnership.

According to the provision of art. 553 of the Commercial Companies Code, by virtue of the law itself there was a universal succession resulting in the transformed company remaining subject to all liabilities of the transformed company and being a party to previously concluded contracts.

Apart from the change in the designation of the legal structure, all data regarding the Company, such as NIP and REGON, remain unchanged and there is no need to sign any additional documents or annexes.

Taking the above into consideration, please make changes to the designation of the Company in all documentation and use already updated data. In particular, we ask you to correctly issue accounting documents, including invoices, from August 1, 2019.

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