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20 styczeń 2022

Marking Rollers at Caffaro

Why do we mark our rollers? How do we do it? We'll explain everything to you!

Speed ​​and precision are two very important values ​​that our employees check. We present a video showing the laser marking of our rollers.

Why do we mark our rollers and why is it so important? First of all, we’re protecting our brand. The month and year of production are laser burned on a roller so that it is possible to repair it in case of anything being defective.

An important sign of recognition is also the indication that it was produced in Poland, because we are very proud of it!


Why is this marking done by laser?

This type of marking is very durable, resistant to changes, high agents, chemicals and UV agents!


What does laser marking of surfaces look like?

In this way, laser marking with a depth of several hundredths of a millimetre is performed. A Smaller amount of energy is collected in the laser beam than with laser engraving, and the operation is faster because the marking depth is smaller. In this process, as a result of contact, the surface of the material is dissolved by modifying its roughness. You can see what it looks like in our short video showing the process of laser marking at Caffaro.

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