Fundusze Europejskie Projekt Wsparcia Polski Wschodniej


Start of business - Caffaro Auto Parts begins production of rollers in a rented garage with an area of (60 m2) with one injection moulding machine and one employee.


Dynamic sales development - enlargement of the machine park, increase of employment, lease of storage rooms with an area 350m2.


Establishment of a new entity: Caffaro W. Szafarski i Wspólnicy Sp. J.

Transfer of production machinery to hall of 400m2

Further increase in sales, employment and equipment of the company.


Renting a hall in Kazimierza Wielka with an area of 1000m2 and moving to it the warehouse and offices. Offices together with warehouse and production take up space of 1,400 m2

Launch of the first laser marking line.


Purchase of real estate with an area 1ha with old industrial buildings in Słonowice near Kazimierza Wielka.

Dynamic sales growth, offer development and machine park

Obtaining ISO 9001 certification

Participation in the Automechanika Frankfurt trade fair


Completion of the renovation of the hall in Słonowice and moving the machines to its own rooms. Caffaro has its own production hall with an area of 800 m2 and a rented office and warehouse area of 1,000 m2

Further dynamic increase in sales, offer and equipment.


Construction of a new hall in Słonowice, area 1500 m2. Moving the warehouse and offices to Słonowice - Caffaro is exclusively at their own in the space 2300 m2.

Purchase of modern injection moulding machines

Expansion of our own tool shop

Automechanika Frankfurt fairs


Construction of the next hall with an area of 3000 m2

Purchase of two Haas and Nomura CNC centers - creation of own CNC machining department.

Further renewal and expansion of the machine park forced by dynamic sales growth and fast offer development


Obtaining the IATF 16949 certificate in TUV SUD.

Another CNC centers, injection moulding machines and presses.

Participation in the Automechanika Frankfurt fairs.

Fast offer development, increase in sales and employment.

Further extension of the tool shop.

Purchase of an industrial plot of 2.0 h for further expansion of the company.


EU project "Pulleys for internal combustion engines, micro and mild hybrid" - industrial research and implementation into production of proprietary solutions for innovative methods of heat dissipation from pulleys.

Purchase of industrial property 0.6 h with an old hall of 1,400 m2 - commencement of renovation

Establishment of own design and research laboratory

Achieving employment of approx. 100 employees

Increase in equipment with new CNC centers, injection moulding machines and presses - currently the company has, among others:

- 7 CNC centers

- 10 injection moulding machines

- 11 eccentric, hydraulic and pneumatic presses

- tool shop with complete equipment for conventional machines and devices

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