Fundusze Europejskie Projekt Wsparcia Polski Wschodniej

Caffaro Rally Team

Our company team! :)
Since 2018, our boss has been trying his hand at the Polish Rally Car Championships.

Jan Chmielewski Motorsport

Janek Chmielewski - multiple Polish Champion in 2WD class.
Constantly in Caffaro colors since 2014

Marcin "Wesoły" Wesołowski - Mistrz Penrite Cross Country 2018 w Expert class

Marcin Wesołowski is an extremely talented guy who participates in the highest-ranking motocross competitions in Poland.

LZS Jawornik Gorzków (football - seniors)

A local senior team occurring without much success in the lowest class (class B), but consisting mainly of the inhabitants of our municipality, for whom playing football is mainly pleasure and fun. The club management and trainer are people who are respected in our community and at the same time befriended our company.

UKS Podgrodzie Wiślica (football – children and youth)

Youth and children section of the Gród Wiślica club, where one of our activists is our long-standing and valued employee. People working at the club do it socially and our help in the form of buying costumes or equipment for their pupils is a big help for them.

Victoria Kazimierza Wielka (volleyball - children)

A children's and youth volleyball section that we have been sponsoring for several years. Girls led by trainers - Iza Feldy - are already quite successful winning or reaching the finals of provincial or national tournaments.

We invite you to visit and like the fan page of the team: Victoria Kazimierz Wielka.Victoria Kazimierza Wielka


Victoria 2015 Skalbmierz (football - seniors)

A team from the befriended Skalbmierz commune, where the coach is Łukasz Łakota - a player who has contributed greatly to the successes of the indoor Caffaro team (championship and 3rd place in the Futsal Poviat League in Kazimierza Wielka). The Victoria Team 2015 for the second time in a row advanced to the higher class and from the 2019/2020 season will appear in the regional class of ŚZPN.

Technical Secondary School Busko-Zdrój

One of the schools which educates graduates in technical fields in our area and from which in the future we can manage to encourage someone to work in our company.

Caffaro - an amateur team taking part in the Poviat League on Orlik

One of the best amateur teams from the KazimierzA District that appears in tournaments organized in our area. Currently, without a defeat, with an impressive goal balance, he leads in the table of the Poviat League on Orlik. Its players are, among others our employees as well as people cooperating with Caffaro.

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