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Smart Growth Operational Program (Industrial research and development work carried out by enterprises)

The project envisages R&D work aimed at obtaining product innovation

– significantly more durable idler wheels that tension and guide the multi-V belts of combustion engines especially in vehicles equipped with micro and mild hybrid drives. Innovative pulleys with significantly greater durability will be made with lower material and energy consumption than at present and they will dissipate heat from the bearings in an original way, which will increase their load resistance:

– thermal – radiation from the combustion engine and as a result of friction

– mechanical – on the belt tension and the instantaneous power of the drive loads

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Smart Growth Operational Program (Loan for technological innovations)

The aim of the project is to implement the dedicated technology developed by Caffaro as a result of R&D work for the production of rollers and tensioners from multi-ribbed belts of cars and trucks, based on the patent application entitled “Method of manufacturing belt roller sleeve and multi-ribbed belt”. “Method of manufacturing belt pulley bushing, belt pulley bushing produced by this method and multi-ribbed belt pulley”.

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