About us

The Caffaro company is a family business that started in 2008.
It was then that we purchased the first injection molding machine, which operated in a garage with an area of approximately 60 m².
In 2009, we rented a storey of a residential building and already employed 5 people! In the following years, we purchased new injection molding machines and installed them in the newly rented hall.
In the years 2009-2015, the company rented space, which was divided into two locations. In one of them it was made the so-called “black production” (injection molding machines, presses), in the second part – the part related to the final processing of pulleys, packaging and shipping of goods.
In 2014, we purchased the area together with the buildings of the former slaughterhouse, and in the spring of 2015 we were able to move part of the production to our own hall, creating, among other things, our own tool shop. We immediately started building a new building to expand the production area and merge the company, which at that moment was still located in two places.
Since 2016, we were able to move the entire company to one location and finally our own facility with an area of 2,300 m². We also invested in new machinery. We purchased new injection molding machines and industrial printers for labels. The modern CNC machining center and three laser marking lines were built.
The total investment amounted to over 5 million PLN.
Since 2019, the warehouses and production of Caffaro Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Spółka Komandytowa are located in halls with an area of 5,300 m².

2020 – Using our knowledge and based on our experience to date, we developed an innovative product in cooperation with scientists from the Silesian University of Technology – i.e. “pulleys for combustion, micro, mild hybrid engines“, and then patented our invention. In March 2019, we signed a Co-financing Agreement with NCBR and started research and development work, and then carried out the implementation stages of the new product (more information can be found in the “Projects” tab). As part of the project, we purchased modern machines and equipped a research laboratory.

Seeing the positive results of our research and development work, we decided to take further steps towards improving our products, which resulted in the development and patenting of a product innovation regarding the method of producing belt pulley bushings.
2021 – We signed the Financing Agreement (this time with BGK) and started the implementation of another project.
2022 – We replaced and improved the machinery (as part of the ongoing project)

2023 – We successfully completed both projects (R&D and technological) achieving the planned results, achieving all assumed milestones and planned project indicators. We have implemented the results of the technological project and started implementing the results of the R&D project.

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