CSR Corporate social responsibility

Caffaro, it's competitiveness by investing in people and the environment

Environmental Protection

The company pursues ambitious goals related to environmental protection. It implements projects and invests its own funds in projects such as: renewable energy sources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and car exhaust emissions into the environment, constant striving to improve working conditions, etc.

In 2021, certification began and confirmation of compliance of activities with the ISO 14001 standard was obtained.>

KKF Caffaro Global System Kazimierza Wielka

Caffaro is known for its strong support for sports. For several years, we have been supporting the local futsal team, which operates as a separate association, but of which we are the founders. The president of the “Kazimierski Klub Futsalu” association is our HR Manager – Adrian Koper, and there are two more of our employees on the Management Board. The team currently plays at level 2 of the Polish Futsal League covering south-eastern Poland. The philosophy of running the team is that most of its representatives should be players from our area. Kazimierz Futsal Club (KKF) also focuses strongly on youth training. It has two teams from the age groups: 2010 and younger and 2012 and younger. The philosophy of running the team coincides with our priorities as a company that wants to invest in local development.