Modern solutions combined with experienced staff allow us to fullfil complex and demanding projects very quickly from the moment of ordering. Extensively developed production capabilities allow us to produce products for customers from A to Z, keeping previously established quality and time standards.

We offer a wide range of steel services:
  • CNC turning – precise rotational machining for complex elements.
  • CNC milling – advanced milling services for details with complex shapes.
  • Laser cutting – cutting materials using laser technology for the highest accuracy and repeatability.
  • Surface grinding – smoothing the surface to obtain perfect flatness and smoothness.
  • Welding – joining metals using various welding methods, ensuring durability and aesthetics.

We process materials such as: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze and plastics. We carry out mass production and small batches for individual customers.

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Machine park

Nakamura Tome WT-300.

Double spindle machine. Spindle bore 103 mm, has driven tools on both spindles and a Y axis on the first spindle.

Haas VM - 3 milling machine.

Spindle speed 15,000 rpm, working travel: X axis -10169 mm, Y axis – 660 mm, Z axis – 635 mm + TR160 tilting and rotary table (additional 2 axes).


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