Fundusze Europejskie Projekt Wsparcia Polski Wschodniej

The Caffaro Group manufactures rollers and tensioners that are a replacement for original products and rollers that are a replacement part for original tensioners.

All products offered by our companies are produced exclusively in Poland.

Our offer does not include products of other companies and we do not commission the production of our products outside the country. Thanks to this, we can take full responsibility for what we sell, and our customers have the guarantee of quality and availability of all products. Our customers are distributors of spare parts from Poland and abroad.

A significant part of the production is sold to demanding markets: German, Spanish and Italian. This would not be possible without meeting high quality standards and refined logistics solutions. Thanks to maintaining high stocks, we can quickly realize even the largest orders.

For the production of rollers we use only the highest quality Japanese NACHI bearings and Polish NSK from composites from reputable suppliers.

The Caffaro company is a family company that started operating in 2008.

Then we bought the first injection moulding machine that worked in a garage room with an area of ​​about 30 m2.

In 2009, the company additionally rented a floor of a residential building.

At that time, it has already employed 5 people. In the following years, new injection moulding machines were purchased and placed into the newly-rented hall.

In the years 2009-2015, the company rented space, which was divided into two locations. In one of them took place the so-called "black production" (injection moulding machines, presses), in the second one - the part related to the final processing of rollers, packaging and dispatch of goods.

In 2014, we purchased the area along with the buildings of a former slaughterhouse.

We started the preparatory work ...…

Then the renovation and makeover began ...

In spring 2015, we were able to move some of our production to our own hall, creating, among others, our tool shop

Soon we also moved the injection moulding machines

And we immediately started to build a new hall to enlarge the production area and merge company that was still-existing in two locations.

In 2016, we were able to move the entire company to one location and finally to our own facility.

We also invested in a new machine park. We purchased new injection moulding machines and industrial label printers. A modern CNC machining centre and three lines for laser marking were created.

The entire investment amounted to over 5 million PLN.

We have also started the third stage of the investment - the construction of another hall, which will increase the company's area to 5300 m2.

Today, the entire warehouse and production is in new halls:

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