New in our machine park


Multifunctional automatic lathe Precision Tsugami B0326E-II


We are very pleased to announce the expansion of our machinery park with an advanced CNC machine –
Precision Tsugami B0326E-II.
It is a multifunctional automatic lathe that perfectly fits the needs and requirements of the modern market.

Main features of the machine:

  • Precision: The new lathe guarantees the highest level of precision.
  • Multifunctionality: Thanks to the use of a toolbar with a Y axis for the main spindle and the intercepting spindle, the device enables the production of complex elements with impressive accuracy.
  • Bar processing: The automatic lathe handles bars with a diameter of up to 32 mm.
  • Additional tool socket: The subspindle is equipped with an additional socket that allows drilling deep holes up to 100 mm.

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